A Hospitality Facilities Resource

HEANY stands as a valuable resource and a source of detailed relevant hospitality facilities information as well as an advocate for New York City’s diverse and unique array of hotels.

Supporting Our Members

As members increase their professionalism, skills and knowledge they are able to exert greater influence in their organizations, command greater respect at their properties, and enjoy greater job satisfaction.

Organizational Goals

The Hotel Engineers Association of New York provides a forum for the exchange of information among members and networking as well as educational seminars.

The Association is an outgrowth of previous attempts to create a formal organization that provides opportunities for Hotel Engineers in New York Metropolitan Area to meet on a regular basis for the purpose of mutual aid.  

All engineers face the same daily challenges, namely finding solutions to a variety of unending questions, many of which fall outside their areas of personal competence. Engineers develop their own individual support networks which include in varying combinations: acquaintances; corporate engineering support; consultants; vendors; and contractors. While they are at the center of their network, they are not an integral part of a network of engineers who face the same problems, work in the same environment, and contend with the daily pressure of performance evaluations in the form of Guest Satisfaction Surveys.